When The Wind Came Down

by Levi Cobb & The BIg Smoke

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released September 17, 2015

Redwood Studios, Joey McClellan, Jordan Martin, Steven Sellers, Sharla Franklin, Brandon Arthur, Poppy Xander, Tim Ross, Matt Farmer, Jesse Thompson, Jacob Derryberry



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Levi Cobb & The BIg Smoke Denton, Texas

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Track Name: When The Wind Came Down
When the wind came down
and it crashed against our shelter,
took the doors right off the hinges,
scattered everything about.
And I was feeling like a lightbulb
left flickering in the entrance
of that place so long abandoned
that it dreams of burning out.

Then it swept by all those ancient trees
and tore them from their places
from the tallest to the smallest
the slender to the stout.
And I was standing like a scarecrow
in a field long gone to drought
and all the crows have flown away
there's nothing left to fear me now.

Then the few remaining standing
packed their unbroken possessions
and their exit before morning
hung a silence in the air.
I've got the cure for lonesome
in a bottle 'round here somewhere
and I'm waiting for the Devil
I've been told that he may care.
Track Name: Jailbird
Everybody's dreamin' of somewhere else
as if the road is the meaning of life itself
but did you ever get to thinking
when you don't know where you're going
you're exactly where you ought to be?

It was never this impossible when we were young
to know just what we're chasing or running from
but a day's gonna come
and when that day comes
gonna drop everything and run.

It's the same old line every goddamn time
you get a dollar in your pocket there's a
jailbird in your mind
a dollar in your pocket
there's a jailbird in your mind

You get so lonely sitting on a shelf
you let your mind start to wander, you lose yourself
and it's a long way down
to the cold hard ground
where there's not a decent soul around.